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Some people call me crazy for having so many pairs of sneakers (43 in total, to be exact). They don't understand

why I need so many. But for them, I have a simple answer:

because they make me happy.

When I step out of the house in a fresh pair of sneakers,

I feel unstoppable. Every time I look down during the day,

I'm reminded of a story- a memory I had while acquiring

them, something fun I did while wearing them, and I can't

help but smile.

I think I came out of the womb wearing a pair of fresh kicks (sorry, mom!)


During graduate school, I found ways to incorporate my love of sneakers into my academic work. For my capstone project, I did an investigative journalistic study into the gender dynamics in sneaker culture today.


For this project, I interviewed six female sneakerheads to see how they make space for themselves within the culture.


Check it out here: 

"Reclaiming the Term, "Sneakerhead":​ How D.C.-Based Women Are Making Room for Themselves in Sneaker Culture"

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My love of sneakers also led me to start a sneaker customization business, Customs By Kash. You can

check out my Instagram at @customsbykash.