Video Editing

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I co-produced, co-edited, and starred in a short film, Second Skin, for a documentary production class that I took during the Fall 2018 semester.

In this documentary, I share my relationship with clothing and fashion and explain how I use them as a form of self-expression. You will follow me through three days, as I experience the world one day as a man, the next as a woman, and lastly as a gender non-conforming individual. Join me in uncovering how clothing, identity, and perception are tangled within each and every one of us.

To avoid confusion for the viewer: I use my birth name in this documentary, since it was filmed before I started going by the name Kash



On occasion, I create and edit lyric & promo videos for rapper Marco Pavé's singles. Here are some examples: 

Marco Pavé "One Hunnid" lyric video

Marco Pavé "Sell" promo video