It's Thursday morning and your palms are sweating. "You've got this," you whisper to yourself as you watch the the clock in the upper right-hand corner of your laptop.

Three seconds left. You refresh the page.

Two seconds left. You refresh again.

One second left. It's 11:00.

The page loads.

You can hear your heart beating in your ears.

Go! Go! Go!

When the coveted streetwear brand, Supreme, drops new items on Thursdays at 11:00am, some items sell out in less than 4 seconds. As a result, only experienced buyers or automated bots can acquire the most 'hyped' items. 


I have spent the last year and a half perfecting my ways of acquiring Supreme for retail so that I can make a profit by reselling the items.

My primary method is an automated bot that adds what I want to buy to my cart and checks out for me in two seconds. I also buy duplicates and/or less hyped items manually.

My Supreme collection

Grailed is a sneaker and streetwear marketplace with no middle man like StockX. Instead, it functions more like eBay- sellers post items and buyers can ask questions about and purchase the items. About 40% of my sales occur on Grailed.

I have made over $15,000 reselling Supreme through the following platforms:

StockX is a stock market for buying and selling sneakers/streetwear. This site allows me to keep up with stock and market prices in real time. Each item purchased and sold is authenticated by the StockX team so every customer knows they received an authentic item. About 45% of my sales occur on StockX.

Bump functions similarly to Grailed, however it is only an app and does not have a website. About 15% of my sales occur on Bump.

Even my dog has "Pupreme"

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