B.A. Degrees:

Dickinson College, 2016



Semesters abroad: 

Peking University

Beijing, China

Fall 2014

Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

Mendoza, Argentina

Spring 2015

Honors & Awards

Graduated with honors in

Spanish and Chinese Majors

Dickinson College2016



Spanish Honors thesis

Dickinson CollegE, Spring 2016

Peking University School of Chinese as a second language essay writing competition winner

November, 2014

Writing Samples


An introduction to a paper analyzing the main character's  identity crisis in the book, El massacre se pasa a pie

A brief summary of Argentina's social and political turmoil between 1974 and 1983


A short essay outlining my journey learning the Chinese language 

An exploration of the Chinese national song, "The East is Red," popular while Chairman Mao was leader of China

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